• Buddhists Suggest.

    I drove down in my travel van to San Diego yesterday to tattoo a friend who had back surgery recently. Doctor approved of course. Last night someone(s) tried to break into the van while I was sleeping in it. I’m fine and so is the van, I called the cops and they came out.

    The experience led to a conversation with my friend about the changes in this state of Cali that I was born and raised in, as well as shifts all over the globe.

    The meat and potatoes of the conversation was regarding ideas and those who deliver them to the world. How we turn people ranging from DJ’s to social political figures, and all the others in between, into icons before we know who they really are on the inside and out. What are we teaching when we continue to hold aloft those who once brought a world changing idea to the table and along the way lost themselves in the act of delivering and perpetuating their idea?

    At some point perhaps it would behoove us to separate the idea from the messenger. To accept that we are human with all our mistakes and imperfections, so allowing an epic message to remain as such untouched by the human afflictions of those who gifted these messages to the world. That by doing so an idea can become even more potent and positive. While also really taking the time to research and investigate those we may put so much trust and belief in before we do wholeheartedly.

    As Buddhists suggest, it is about doing the work silently. being of service because that is truly what you want to do without any expectations of arklneldgement or appreciation. Simply because it makes you feel fulfilled.

  • Ikigai.

    “In the article named Ikigai — jibun no kanosei, kaikasaseru katei ("Ikigai: the process of allowing the self's possibilities to blossom") Kobayashi Tsukasa says that "people can feel real ikigai only when, on the basis of personal maturity, the satisfaction of various desires, love and happiness, encounters with others, and a sense of the value of life, they proceed toward self-realization."


  • Strangeness,

    We are building an age of strangeness. Where we choose to engage rapidly with all sorts of scenarios we barley know, friendships, living situations, romantic, business, or otherwise. Forcing people to fit into who we imagine they are verses accepting them for who they are. Trading in intimacy for a quick swipe to the left or the right. Where in we project our own insecurities onto others, with “No one accepts me fully! No one accepts my weirdness!” That may be in some cases because we refuse to let people in intimately.

    We fear our own pasts and being rejected for them so we keep people at arms length. Trading true connection for a quick cuddle that is as common as a handshake. Interactions induced by inebriants and gone just as quickly with the sunrise back to the other side of the country, requiring no accountability. Going from one experience right into another, digitally and physically, to afraid to know our own true selves or the people around us. Blindly repeating patterns over again. Forgetting and erasing names, faces, and memories into the addiction of “running away.” Creating the unhealthy co-dependency we complain about. When true interdependence is a beautiful thing. Which requires the whole truth of self and nothing but in order to attain.

    Cherish those who know you well, who you can trust to call you out on your stuff with your best interests at heart. Those people are your truest friends. Cherish those who refuse to accept your half-truths and request that you share all of you past and present. Those you can trust want to know all of you in order to empower you and your future. Cherish yourself by being around those who know the whole you and support you being that whole self 24 hours a day. Cherish those who take moment to consider how their words and actions affect the world around them. Don’t settle for those who are not interested in knowing your truth, your whole truth and nothing but, past, present, and future. You know you are in good hands when you around those who hear your full story and see your depth and strength of character even more then before

    Thank you to those in my world who I CHERISH big time

  • Thoughts.

    Life is a festival
    - with similar lights and darks, sights, sounds, adventures, characters, and sparkly distractions

    Within the everyday and the ordinary is meditation
    - i do not mean just yoga or going to India for yoga. p.s. I have nothing against yoga or any other chosen path to a meditative state, which there are many.

    Dehumanization is not a political or social justice tool
    - harmful comments about people, icons, or whoever/whatever can be debilitating to a bigger picture. And in my opinion defending those who cause harm can as well

    And may we refrain from turning the act of equanimity into just another cultural trigger word. Equanimity could be one of the next effective tools for sustainable change.

  • Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, and Amazon Prime!

    Good day on Treasure Island.  Wandered through Treasurefest and had some great talks with small business owners about thrift stores, farmers markets, flea markets, and amazon prime... consensus (between today's talks and online written information) amazon may be great for small business, not so sure it has any benefit to the environment.  It reminded me of why I am both open to technological upgrades ( especially if it helps small business such as your favorite local goat cheese farmer keep up with corporations. Which also helps to keep smaller farms with friendlier produce producing that produce) and why I have been a fan of farmers markets, flea markets, and thrifts stores since I was in my teens. Not always convenient to go with local, but can be worth the extra time and effort to support keeping a balance.  And you get to meet some great people with great stuff!

    Check it out!

    At the Flea Market. There she sat. In the wide open with her crappy fold out chair and her crappy fold out table, dumpy and low to the pavement. She was beautiful in her uniqueness, in her non apologetic attire, and serious. Eating a pie from the vendor across the way, while her 1940 black type writer sat patiently baking in the sun. She had a sign...

    ...Poems. Pick a subject. Pick a price.

    I gave a price and picked “quiet observation.”

    Her Fingers decorated with pale and cracked purple polish typed away and this is what she delivered without even blinking... #speechless #allthefeels


    p.s. she offers to read it to you and absolutely worth it. I totally got teary eyed underneath my shades

  • Tattoo Brain...

    My brain on tattoos. 

    these videos contain aspects of why i love the world of tattoo.  taooing, being tattooed, supporting others through their tattoo experiences.

    I am excited for what 2018 has in store!

    The Last Mambabatok

    The Cultural Heritage of Tattooing | Lars Krutak | TEDxYYC

    Tattoo Artist Who Turns Self-Harm Scars Into Art

    Tattoo and Tapa: Reclaiming Pacific Symbols | Frances C. Koya Vaka'uta | TEDxSuva

    Tattoos: women's revolutionary aesthetic | Christine Braunberger | TEDxOnondaga

  • Listening.

  • Anything is Possible. An Insight to Socially Shared Perceptions.

    "Anything is possible, maybe some things not probable, but who knows!" - Friends ;D

    A good number of us have done it. Looked at someone’s social media and wondered, how the hell do they live that lifestyle?

    Good chance they don’t. It just appears that way with the minimal amount of information you are receiving. Not that anyone is intentionally misleading or that there are not people living exactly the way they portray. It is also the responsibility of the viewer to be accountable for their perceptions and assumptions. Don’t be going around assumin’. ;)

    This is why my social media platforms are creative and business sharing tools. I’m still stuck on getting to know people in the traditional way through effort and real face time.   What you will typically view on my pages are creative endeavors, tattoos, and work travels. With the occasional opinion share, bit of inspiration, projects of others, or a funny animal meme.  Most of the travel over the last couple of years has been for work or study, creating amazing moments along the way!

    Many of the adventures are a product of hard work, time, patience, dedication, determination, conscious practical decisions, and risky decisions. Knowing I might be wrong, but wanting the experience. Though my family was once extremely well off, there is no family money or secret trust that was available for me to complete goals (cheers to anyone whose got it!). Money has never stopped me, I generally have what I need and still finish what I set out to do. Also, thanks in many parts, to the empowering support of chosen families, partners, and friends over the years. Allowing for a balance of letting life flow and making choices.   Allowing for the space to play like I missed out on as a kid, while able to adult it up. It has helped develop what I personally consider a well-rounded sense of happiness, including the not happy days.  I work hard and play the way I want (most of the time). But sometimes I don’t get what I want when I want it, and I appreciate that. 

    I continue to be aware of living within my means at any given time and place, and to be content at all stages. Rather than living to try and meet possibly unnecessary self created expectations versus healthy goals.  Which my workaholic side really likes to do.   I don’t work with a focus to buy “nice things” (although it does happen), I work to create and experience life moments (such as choosing travel over things).   I don’t work to be known, I work on being worth knowing. I don’t work to make my creativity popular; I work so that I can enjoy doing the things I am passionate about. Even when there is no money or acknowledgment, I still do the things I do. 

    Lately when I have asked others how they started on their road, I get real answers. Most responses have the honest sentiment that “I am not ballin’ like it looks like I might be.” Many of the people out in the day to day that have been inspiring me lately, work hard to have what they have. To own the business they own, to be going to the schools they are attending, to be reaching the goals they have set for themselves. They unknowingly make it seem like it is as “easy” as we project onto their “great looking life.” Each story shared has re-tickled that little part of me that likes the idea that anything is possible. Maybe some of the possibilities are not practical, but then do we always need to be practical?

    To all my friends who are doin’ the thangs, in honor of all the decisions both simple and hard over the past year… anything is possible.   I love you <3


  • Punk Rock Ethics for thought? Apply to Creative Businesses

    There have been plenty of times when I have turned over thoughts regarding my business platfrom, its intentions, and working in integrity.  Generally during a go around with those thoughts a person arises offering good conversation.  Those conversation reminding me that there are effective examples out there of businesses running on similar ideas and foundations.