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♥ Write it in ink . Ink it in love ♥

Ofrendas, items placed on altars created for a day of the dead practice of admiring and honoring the experiences of the past.   "It is the admiring of, rather than the being of it, that releases a person.”  Could tattoos be a form of permanent Ofrendas?  Long standing markings on the skin seen as ritual offerings to the past, present, or future, placed on the body that is, in essence, your altar.

Krystal Bell has been helping her guests create personal and one-of-a-kind designs by combining her skills in art and tattoo with concepts of remembrance, ritual and decoration.   She seeks inspiration from her guests' experiences to generate art for their skin that not only tells a story, but also creates a platform for growth in mind and body.  Just as we seek to be healthy through food, exercise, meditation, etc., we should do the same with the markings we put onto our skin.  Touch, let alone permanent markings, can have a major effect on the energetic system and human being.

Each guest is invited to start by participating in a consultation with a holistc approach to the process.   This holistic view starts by asking questions ranging from possible allergies to tattoo materials (which is one of the reasons vegan tattoo materials are used) to intentions behind a chosen body art concept.  Then all the information is taken into a personal process utilizing meditative tools such as visualizing, simple breathing techniques, and Prajna Paramita mantras, along side empathic sensitivities, Chinese meridian line studies, oracle card readings, sigil rituals, family shamanic practices, channeling, and other energetically based studies to attain a visual expression of each guest’s desired vision that is detailed within the consultation.

A focal point in Krystal's study and practice of tattoos is the creation of sigils and symbols.  In certain traditions, sigils were word or affirmation based emblems designed to be symbolic of the creator’s intention and purpose. Krystal has been helping guests create and tattoo personal emblems through the exploration of symbol usage in alchemy, North American and South American symbols and totems, European magic practices, Nordic runic practices, and Tibetan symbolism. In addition to being representations of the guest's intent, these markings go on to be beacons of inspiration. 

'Humans... dripping in beautiful remembrances, medals, and decorations for having lived, truly lived and triumphed.'

-Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Thank you for choosing to collaborate with me on your personalized body art.  It is an honor.

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