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  • What is Integrated Tattoo Healing?

    Over my years of tattooing, what I offer as a tattoo experience has shifted and adjusted.  The offerings have transformed to reflect my own changes and adjustments within my personal ethos of beliefs and intentions behind tattooing and life.


    Raised primarily atheist, with my father’s esoteric lineage, and my parents varied cultural backgrounds, I was encouraged and empowered to study the world’s cultures, arts, religions, polytheisms, theologies, philosophies, sciences, social structures, etc. More than likely this was the foundation for my global thinking.  Also the foundation for me to choose whatever systems or mixture of systems that worked best for me, if any.  I swayed between observer and sponge, to believer and practitioner, to skeptic, to a practitioner with a critical lens and constant questions.


    Through out my years of questioning and experimentations in different self-growth and expansion practices, I experienced and observed insights that helped to develop my practice of integrated tattooing healing.  Artistically, the integrated tattoo healing designs are expressed through urban totemic alchemy aesthetic that focuses on storytelling illustrations and or glyph talisman/totemic designs for the body.


    I apply these accumulative studies to tattooing, inviting each guest to participate in a consultation, taking a holistic approach to the process.  This holistic view starts by asking questions ranging from possible allergies to tattoo materials (which is one of the reasons I utilize vegan tattoo materials) to intentions behind a chosen body art concept.  Then all the information is taken into a personal process utilizing meditative tools such as visualizing, simple breathing techniques, and Prajna Paramita mantras, along side empathic sensitivities, Chinese meridian line studies, oracle card readings, sigil rituals, family shamanic practices, channeling, and other energetically based studies to attain a visual expression of each guest’s desired vision that is detailed within the consultation.


    Once a design is finalized between guest and artist the holistic practices carry into the tattoo session itself.  The set and setting is curated to create an environment that allows the experience of pain and art to be fully embraced.  Each guest is offered water and tea while music and fragrances fill the air.  Ritual tools such as sage, sweet grass, and incense ground and clear the space, the tattoo implements (rotary machine and traditional hand poke), as the guest is enveloped in the gentle smoke (unless allergic) in order to help facilitate a grounded and present state of being.  Mediation occurs pre and post session, before each guest arrives, to which the guest is invited to participate in and include the meditation into their experience should they choose.  Each step comes together to create an optimal experience to achieve beautiful art, acceptance of the physical process, and a transmutation of the mind, body, and heart.


    It is my hope to continue respecting the traditional elements of healing, rite of passage, and transmutation found within the timeless practice of tattooing.


    I look forward to making magic with you!

    Here is a sampling of some of the books that have educated me in my studies of ITH: