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  • EFT Tapping for Pre-Tattoo Jitters!

    It was a great pleasure to collaborate with my friend and naturally talented healer Andrea Laltoo of Awesome Love Healing solutions to create this EFT Tapping tattoo video!  Filmed outside the new tattoo studio in Erie, Colorado! We wondered what the possibilities were for EFT Tapping in the tattoo world and decided to make a video that introduced EFT Tapping and focused on a sequence addressing topics that might arise when preparing for a tattoo.

    Ever been nervous before a tattoo? Wondered if the experience was too much? This video may help ease some of those, as well as other, thoughts and questions so that you can be fully present to your whole experience!

    The full video is offered as a gift to anyone who works with Andrea or me and can also be purchased by anyone that does not work with us for 10.00 by emailing andrea@awesomelovehealing.com


    Thanks Andrea for making this happen and thanks to all of You!


    Have fun!




    By Andrea Laltoo


    What is EFT Tapping?

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping is an amazing self-help stress release tool that works like emotional acupuncture – but with no needles required! All that is involved is using the fingers to tap on points around the face and shoulders while focusing on emotions, beliefs, and somatic sensations. This allows us to release trapped emotions, calm the nervous system, and tune into our own power, strength, and beauty.  Simple… but so powerful!

    How do I use an EFT Tapping video?

    As you tap along with a video, you will actually benefit even if all you do is copy the tapping movements without trying to tune into any of the spoken words.  However, you will likely find deeper release and healing take place if you also follow along with the verbal cues and statements, to allow you to focus on the energetic blockages that are there for you.  Occasionally, the script in the video may move on from one aspect or feeling more quickly than what your natural pace of releasing may be... or you may notice that you shift to another emotion at a faster pace, or to one that is not mentioned in the video.  I recommend that you simply keep tapping while following the video, and then check in at the end and do some more tapping afterwards if you've got something that feels unresolved. You can play the video again and just focus more on the aspects and emotions that are still there for you.  And feel free to be in touch if you have any questions! andrea@awesomelovehealing.com