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  • Be Here Meow

    Be Here Meow

    Title image: *** The tattoo font is in Gina’s own hand writing for extra potency.  With the “here” in pointillist style to emphasis the illusory quality of our physical reality.


    Be here Meow

    All the things are inherently empty.

    At the same time all the things have meaning.

    Because of the reality we all have participated in creating, the inherent emptiness of all the things gives more meaning to all the things, making all the things precious.

    In this physical reality all things are inherently empty and simultaneously meaningful.


    Thank you Lightning in a Bottle for a great return to the festival arena.

    MAD respect to the ticket booth and gate teams, it was a pleasure working with you all.

    Within minutes of arriving I was flooded with smiling faces that I had not seen in waaaaay too long.  There were many hugs and lots to laugh about.

    The architecture of the environments was inspiring.  Towering over our heads with spider web rigging perfection and colorful fabrics that rippled in the wind like waves in a clear blue sea.  The set and setting felt otherworldly as some of my closet friends and I camped beneath the original location of the Woogie stage where Nick played his first Woogie set.  We sat beneath that oak tree watching the sunsets as the lights of this other-city twinkled on to guide wanderers as they went out to explore the magic.

    I also experienced the wonderment of seeing several tattoos I tattooed back when I first started.  They looked fantastic!  Unfortunately due to the hectic schedule of all my friends and myself, as we were employed this year by LIB as one aspect of production or another, I was only able to get a photo of one of the tattoos.  But it’s pretty perfect as a visual summation of my experience.

    LIB reminded me again that we are not isolated beings sitting on top of our own private mountains (although there is a time and place for that, for each of us, throughout our lives).  We have chosen to be here together, creating an interdependent world.  There is no space for using spiritual concepts and verbiage, such as “emptiness,” to relinquish personal accountability for our actions.  What we do, what we say, and the choices we make affect the entire world around us, as well as ourselves.  Whether at a festival, in your living room, or walking alone by a river and through the woods, dance around our world with balanced compassion and kindness.  Be here Meow.  

    BIG love to all!

    P.s. Gina is an INCREDIBLE massage artist. I don’t know how she does it, but she has a way of talking to the body that just gets right in there.  At one of the points where my body melted into her hands she started saying “after I got this tattoo my life changed.”  I almost cried, my heart and body melting together at that point because, such a small phrase reminded me of exactly why I do what I do.  Why I love what I do.  To end the session Gina rang a small chime over my face and as I opened my eyes the tattoo was right there for me to read, “Be Here Meow.”  THANK YOU to all who work with me.  Thank you Gina! <3  Send Gina a message, she will change your massage life! https://www.facebook.com/gina.zappia.9