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  • Mapping Within Connected Circles aka Venn Diagram.

    Mapping Within Connected Circles aka Venn Diagram.

    Mapping Within Connected Circles aka Venn Diagram.

    Over the Lighting in a Bottle week my friends and I caught up with life conversations. Life changes and expansion can be uncomfortable; leaving us to seek a way to eliminate the awkwardness of growth rather than use it as a reflection to reveal to each of us what it is we really need for ourselves. When we are accountable for fulfilling our own needs, it gives us the capability to be generous to others, such as our families, friends, and globally. So we all took turns organically tossing around some gusto and words of wisdom.  

    During these conversations I shared my Venn diagram inspired technique that I have utilized throughout my years with partners, working with businesses and large groups, as well as from taking sage advice. In most situations this technique has worked for me. I tend to refer to it as mapping circles.

    You have one circle that holds a set of perspectives, values, needs, and or boundaries and another that holds the needs of the other or others. In between where the circles intersect you have a map of words that allows participants to see where their needs match, don’t, and where they can come to a mutual point by creating something new together that takes into account all the collected information.

    For example, if you are trying to work out a plan for effective communication between two leads of a group, one lead might write down how they communicate and what they need to communicate at their optimal level and the other lead would do the same. When they begin to review each circle they fill in the center, creating an overview of where they match, contrast, and then use that information in the center to create a new platform to empower both leads to work efficiently. Apply this to most situations between friends, teams, relationships, trip planning and it may make things a bit smoother!

    Have fun making maps!

    “As they work to experience their own wholeness and direction and become a more powerful river in their own right, they can merge with another powerful river that is going in the same direction, and together they can flow to the sea.”