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  • Newsletter Returns!

    Newsletter Returns!

    Rebooting my tattoo newsletter! It is going to be a biannual update that has special gifts for you exclusively through the newsletter. Like before it will have updates on my travels and be a platform for more personal writings to you.

    "Good or Bad?

    ...What does good and bad mean to you?

    Are good and bad defined by each person’s morals, values, integrity, life circumstances and experiences, or mistaken projections and expectations we place on the terms? Confusing popularity and social media likes as a result of goodness?

    Is good defined through actions of teaching circus arts to children, returning with the sense that a combination of art sharing and more focus on housing, water, food, and electricity may be a more balanced approach to healing...

    to read more and see what surprises await you, please contact me via


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    BIG love!