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  • Buddhists Suggest.

    I drove down in my travel van to San Diego yesterday to tattoo a friend who had back surgery recently. Doctor approved of course. Last night someone(s) tried to break into the van while I was sleeping in it. I’m fine and so is the van, I called the cops and they came out.

    The experience led to a conversation with my friend about the changes in this state of Cali that I was born and raised in, as well as shifts all over the globe.

    The meat and potatoes of the conversation was regarding ideas and those who deliver them to the world. How we turn people ranging from DJ’s to social political figures, and all the others in between, into icons before we know who they really are on the inside and out. What are we teaching when we continue to hold aloft those who once brought a world changing idea to the table and along the way lost themselves in the act of delivering and perpetuating their idea?

    At some point perhaps it would behoove us to separate the idea from the messenger. To accept that we are human with all our mistakes and imperfections, so allowing an epic message to remain as such untouched by the human afflictions of those who gifted these messages to the world. That by doing so an idea can become even more potent and positive. While also really taking the time to research and investigate those we may put so much trust and belief in before we do wholeheartedly.

    As Buddhists suggest, it is about doing the work silently. being of service because that is truly what you want to do without any expectations of arklneldgement or appreciation. Simply because it makes you feel fulfilled.