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  • Strangeness,

    We are building an age of strangeness. Where we choose to engage rapidly with all sorts of scenarios we barley know, friendships, living situations, romantic, business, or otherwise. Forcing people to fit into who we imagine they are verses accepting them for who they are. Trading in intimacy for a quick swipe to the left or the right. Where in we project our own insecurities onto others, with “No one accepts me fully! No one accepts my weirdness!” That may be in some cases because we refuse to let people in intimately.

    We fear our own pasts and being rejected for them so we keep people at arms length. Trading true connection for a quick cuddle that is as common as a handshake. Interactions induced by inebriants and gone just as quickly with the sunrise back to the other side of the country, requiring no accountability. Going from one experience right into another, digitally and physically, to afraid to know our own true selves or the people around us. Blindly repeating patterns over again. Forgetting and erasing names, faces, and memories into the addiction of “running away.” Creating the unhealthy co-dependency we complain about. When true interdependence is a beautiful thing. Which requires the whole truth of self and nothing but in order to attain.

    Cherish those who know you well, who you can trust to call you out on your stuff with your best interests at heart. Those people are your truest friends. Cherish those who refuse to accept your half-truths and request that you share all of you past and present. Those you can trust want to know all of you in order to empower you and your future. Cherish yourself by being around those who know the whole you and support you being that whole self 24 hours a day. Cherish those who take moment to consider how their words and actions affect the world around them. Don’t settle for those who are not interested in knowing your truth, your whole truth and nothing but, past, present, and future. You know you are in good hands when you around those who hear your full story and see your depth and strength of character even more then before

    Thank you to those in my world who I CHERISH big time