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  • Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, and Amazon Prime!

    Good day on Treasure Island.  Wandered through Treasurefest and had some great talks with small business owners about thrift stores, farmers markets, flea markets, and amazon prime... consensus (between today's talks and online written information) amazon may be great for small business, not so sure it has any benefit to the environment.  It reminded me of why I am both open to technological upgrades ( especially if it helps small business such as your favorite local goat cheese farmer keep up with corporations. Which also helps to keep smaller farms with friendlier produce producing that produce) and why I have been a fan of farmers markets, flea markets, and thrifts stores since I was in my teens. Not always convenient to go with local, but can be worth the extra time and effort to support keeping a balance.  And you get to meet some great people with great stuff!

    Check it out!

    At the Flea Market. There she sat. In the wide open with her crappy fold out chair and her crappy fold out table, dumpy and low to the pavement. She was beautiful in her uniqueness, in her non apologetic attire, and serious. Eating a pie from the vendor across the way, while her 1940 black type writer sat patiently baking in the sun. She had a sign...

    ...Poems. Pick a subject. Pick a price.

    I gave a price and picked “quiet observation.”

    Her Fingers decorated with pale and cracked purple polish typed away and this is what she delivered without even blinking... #speechless #allthefeels


    p.s. she offers to read it to you and absolutely worth it. I totally got teary eyed underneath my shades