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  • Don't Forget the Magic. Tattour Invitation.

    Don't Forget the Magic. Tattour Invitation.

    I stole a glance to the right of the road, just in time to see a sign “Don’t Forget the Magic” flyby my window.  Hanging from a rickety barn, the weathered sign was a flirty nip from the universe.  “Don’t forget!”   


    There was a ridiculous amount of presence to the moment.  I was innnnn it.  It was a snapshot worthy moment that even with my heart cracked, that unfolding scene generated healing and expansion.  I was reminded of why I had set off on a #vanlife excursion for love (the big love), magic, connection, tattooing, art, creation, travel, and experiencing the familiar world around me in a new way.  At the start of 2015 my travel van, The Nautilus, was my ship out of the sea of La-La (Los Angeles).  And the vessel that would carry me through my first wandering tattoo adventure.  I was going to spend the next year traveling up and down the coast of California.


    Recent image of Goldie (left), my fellow van sister's beastly chariot and the Nautilus (right) my trusted van beast.


    The flip that switched my trajectory in tattooing was the multitude of personal interactions within the tattoo arena that called for some added care during an experience of pain and a true space to experience whatever arose during a session. In my practice, tattooing is an artistic healing modality with psychological and therapeutic effects. Through travel my mission became more focused and connected to further developing a whole and personalized experience for my guests.  Taking more careful consideration of all the senses and how my offerings could support and affect them.  My guests and I joined forces during these travels to kick ass and collaborate with life.


    Now, with the memory of you in my head and in my heart (inspiring and empowering), I set off to collaborate again.  Time for the next #tattour!  We are going to develop amazing art for your body through a personalized ritual process.  We’ll sit together in a safe container for the day, feeling out and creating your design (if not pre designed), rappin’ about stories, your vision, your dreams and passions; whatever we want to spill.  The idea being to travel and share real face-to-face time with each of you and create a true wide reaching network of community and support.  Not forgetting all the fun, stories and adventures to be had!  I want to invite you to participate in this process, to be with me on this adventure.  There will be images and short stories of my travels that anyone can follow and engage with. I love notes and letters!   You’ll be with me, helping to create a tattoo experience that is powered by our mutual interests in seeing a world affected by compassion, empowerment, love, and practical magic.  Oh and what the fuck, throw in a whole lot of badass-ery. So…  how far can we go?


    Thanks to the support of guests already booked on the tour, I will be wandering to several states in the coming months.  But with your participation I may be able to make it to all of you, even over on the east coast.  Check out the flyers on my Instagram and Facebook pages, they have the list of current states and the months I will be in each state.  If you are interested in booking an appointment for any of the states I'll be visiting, contact kbelltattoo@gmail.com for details.  I am offering machine tattoo sittings and machine free/hand poke tattoo sittings.  


    Would you like me to visit your state?

    Then send me a hello, with the state you live in and the month you are available to be tattooed.  From there I will respond as promptly as possible to discuss further details.

    Time is flying by and before I know it I'll be on the road again, heading to a reality near you!

    BIG love,




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